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Visonic PowerMaxPro

Advanced Home Security for the Broadband Era

Visonic PowerMax®Prois an all-in-onewireless home security systemthat brings an entirely new level of versatility, connectivity and style to the world of home security. It lets home/business users view and control their homes/premises from anywhere via any web browser or mobile phone, delivering ease of use and reliability, in an elegant, contemporary design.

ThePowerMaxPro'sintelligent, professional grade architecture delivers exceptionally robust performance, starting with a fast and easy installation and setup. With its built-in PSTN communicator andX-10home control interface, and the ability to add internal GSM/GPRS or Broadband IP* communications modules, it offers users outstanding flexibility: homeowners/business's can select the homesecurity system that matches their requirements and budget; and gain the perfect platform for offering web-based security solutions.

Adding the unique internalPowerLinkmodule turnsPowerMaxProinto a fully managed web-based security and home control solution. This solution includes real-time camera surveillance and home control, alarm time image verification, mobile phone and email event notifications, connection to an Alarm monitoring centre and much more. Homeowners can be logged in to the system via any web browser.

Visonic PowerMaxPro Features:

High-end, modular design.

Self contained; no need for external boxes.

Multiple optional built-in modules:

Internal PowerLink module enables camera connectivity for real-time viewing and system operation

Internal GSM/GPRS communicator

Internal Broadband IP* communicator

Internal RFID (proximity tag) reader

External voice box

Supports up to 3 partitions and multiple common areas (Optional)

Event reporting to: monitoring stations

Two-wayPowerCodeRF system with diversity antenna enables support for Visonic's two-way sirens and two-way keyfobs for instant feedback from the system.

Internal or external power supply.

Elder care application.

LCD-based user interface.

28 wireless zones with additional 2 hardwired ports, 1 12v hardwired siren port and 1 PGM port for full coverage of connectivity options.

Up to 72 hours battery backup.

Supports 8 user codes.

Full compliance with most international standards including FCC, EN50131 Grade 2 and more.


Visonic Dual RS-232 Interface Module

Used to connect between the control panel and a local PC and for data downloading and uploading. The kit enables data transfer by using PowerMax Remote Programmer software. This module permits any two simultaneous device connections such as: internal PowerLink, Local PC programming, and External GSM module.

Visonic Proximity reader

Provides easy arming and disarming using only a small proximity tag

Visonic Remote Speech Box

Extends the voice notifications and two-way voice communications capabilities of the control panel to remote locations around the home. It enables occupants to hear status notifications and talk with the central station from parts of the house where the panel's built-in speakers and microphones cannot reach. A separate voice module needs to be purchased separately in order to connect theSpeech Boxto the PowerMaxRro.

Visonic Speech Box

Two-way speaker unit for PowerMaxPro and PowerMaxComplete

The VisonicPowerMax®Speech Boxextends the voice notifications andtwo-wayvoice communications capabilities of thePowerMaxProcontrol panel to remote locations around the home. It enables occupants to hear status notifications and talk with the central station from parts of the house where the panel's built-in speakers and microphones cannot reach.

In large homes, especially those with basements or home studios, it is often not possible to hear the control panel's voice notifications in every part of the house. With thePowerMax SpeechBox, residents can easily and conveniently verify alarm activations without having to leave where they are and go to the control panel.

In addition, thePowerMax Speech Boxoffers peace of mind to families with children and to the family members of elderly people. Working parents can use theSpeech Box'stwo-way communications capabilities to speak with their children who may be playing in their rooms, without needing them to go to the control panel. This two-way communication can also be helpful in an emergency by allowing distant family members to check on elderly residents who cannot reach a phone.

The attractivePowerMax Speech Boxunit can be mounted on a wall or placed on a flat surface in any convenient, easily accessible location up to 20m (66ft) cable distance from a control panel. In case of tampering or sabotage, an alarm sounds and the event is recorded by the control panel. TheSpeech Boxpermits manual volume control adjustment to meet personal preferences.

Visonic PowerLink Pro (Internal)

Advanced Internet-based Home Control Solution for PowerMaxPro

Visonic’sPowerLinkis the most comprehensiveInternet-based solutionfor advanced home security and control. It enables alarm central stations, security service providers and homeowners to leverage the full power of Internet connectivity to take their home security, safety and automation to the next level.

At the most basic,PowerLinkoffers a plug and play broadband IP event notification solution. And, with connection to up to 14 cameras placed around the premises,PowerLinkcan expand to an IP-based video alarm verification solution offering smart recording and fast forwarding of events to the alarm central station.

IP-based Event Notifications

With more and more homeowners moving to VoIP communications, leaving behind PSTN lines, broadband becomes an ideal method for cost-free alarm event notifications delivery to central stations. Visonic'sPowerLinkInternet-based home control and surveillance system features built-in IP-based event notification capabilities. By simply plugging thePowerLinksystem into a free port on the home router, the alarm system is connected to the IP receiver at the central station – with no need to configure the system or the router. This provides a true plug and play experience for both the security installer and alarm central station. In addition,PowerLinkprovides a rapid supervision mechanism, enabling the central station to enjoy commercial-grade line supervision to all connected home security systems at zero cost.

UtilizingPowerLinkas an IP-based event notification solution requires thatVisonic's IPMP(IP Management Platform) be implemented as an IP receiver at the central station.

Image Alarm Verification the Right Way

AsPowerLinkis fully integrated with thePowerMax®home security system, it has the ability to send alarm time images based on real motion detection, which significantly reduces the cost to service providers and hassle to homeowners of false alarms.

The system enables central stations to receive image alarm verification information within seconds of the alarm time compared to the several minutes it takes with GPRS or PSTN-based alarm verification solutions. Moreover, alarm time images can be forwarded to the homeowner's email or mobile phone for immediate view and verification. By the time the security service provider calls, the homeowner already knows if the person that activated the alarm is authorized to be there or is an intruder. This means that the police or a keyholder is sent to the premises only when truly necessary.

Enhanced Consumer Web Services

PowerLinkis not only a broadband event notification solution but a full-grade service platform that enables service providers to offer enhanced, web-based security and surveillance services to their customers. Homeowners can login to the securePowerLinkweb portal, accessible from all standard PC and mobile phone browsers, and via an easy-to-use interface control their home security system, view its status, controlX-10compliant home devices and view live and alarm time recorded video from wireless and wired IP cameras. In addition, homeowners can set up the system to notify them by email or mobile phone text message whenever security, home devices or camera events occur.

Total Control

PowerLinkis offered with the Visonic IPMP - IP Management Platform. The IPMP serves as an IP receiver in alarm central stations as well as a full grade service platform for consumer web services. By implementing the IPMP, service providers gain full control over thePowerLinkservice, including account and service management, billing, messaging, and much more.

Internet Video - Observation & Control

Life today is lived very much on the go. Online and mobile technologies keep us in touch wherever we are, enabling us to accomplish more. When it comes to safeguarding your home and family, there is no reason to compromise your lifestyle. Visonic offers state of the art, Internet-based remote video observation and control solutions with wireless surveillance cameras that seamlessly integrate with your Visonic PowerMax®wireless home security, safety and control system.

With unobtrusive, strategically placed wireless home security cameras and secure Internet connectivity, you can see what is happening inside your home and operate your home intrusion, safety, personal emergency, or home automation and control system from anywhere in the world, in the most convenient and highly secure way. Visonic offers a variety of wireless surveillance cameras suitable for different requirements and room sizes.

Advanced encryption algorithms and Internet security technologies virtually eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access, so that control stays only in the right hands. Additionally, multiple communication options enable uninterrupted communication even if one link fails or is interfered with.




Wireless Pan/Tilt Network Camera

TheCam3200is a wireless pan/tilt network camera with an elegant design that fits well in any home and any décor. This dual-technology camera is easily connected to the Visonic PowerLink application as part of a fullywireless home security and control systemand offers connectivity with both wired (LAN) and wireless (WiFi) connection options. Easy to install, theCam3200is also equipped with IR illumination for dark environments and provides remote pan/tilt capabilities to enable coverage of large areas without the need for additional cameras.

Offering superior image quality and an extended field of view, the Cam3200 offers the perfect solution forvideo alarm verificationapplications and consumers wishing to achieve home security and peace of mind through full online visibility of their home and loved ones.

Cam2000 WL

The Ultimate in Wireless Camera Flexibility

CAM2000 WLgives you all the freedom of WiFi connectively. It is an ideal choice for both small and mid-sized businesses and homes. Its color CMOS image sensors and advanced signal processing techniques result in crisp, clear images at 320x240 resolution.

CAM2000 WLserves as the 'eyes' of Visonic'sPowerLink system, to enable you to keep an eye on your property and your loved ones from wherever you are, as easily from halfway around the world as from down the street or across town.


Wireless Network Camera

TheCam3100is a wireless network camera with an elegant design that is suited to any home and décor. This dual-technology wired (LAN) and wireless (WiFi) camera offers intuitive installation and easily connects to the Visonic PowerLink application as part of a fullywireless home security and control system. It also provides an extended field of view and is equipped with IR illumination for dark environments.

Offering superior image quality, theCam3100offers the perfect solution forvideo alarm verificationapplications and for consumers wishing to achieve home security and peace of mind through full online visibility of their home and loved ones.