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Master Keying

The power of being your own master

We understand that there are applications that require that special touch of having one key that fits all while having an individual key that operates just one lock out of many or a few, thats why at Barrs we use Mul-T-Lock for our Master keying, we can design and manufacture master key systems for any purpose or need. Mul-T-Lock’s master key systems offer several major benefits:

Overloaded key rings are replaced by a single master key.

The main master key enables system managers to open every door in the system - while other users are provided with keys that only open specific doors.

A wide range of Mul-T-Lock products – such as cylinders for the user’s home, office and vehicle - may be incorporated into a single master key system, controlled by one key.


Master Keying Design Methods

Mul-T-Lock’s master key systems may be based on two alternative design methods:

The hierarchal design: Incorporating several levels of access authorization, with higher levels authorized to open lower level entrances. Ordinarily hierarchal systems include Grand Master (GM) keys, which can open every cylinder in the system, all the way down to keys that can only unlock a single cylinder.


Illustration: In this example, the GM (Grand Master) key opens all cylinders, M1 & M2 are 2 different master keys accessing the doors of 2 separate departments, and each of the bottom level keys, such as M1.1.1 and M2.2, fits just one cylinder.

The Matrix design: Based on a matrix chart, in which each column represents a cylinder on the premises, and each row represents a key holder. This method enables the designer to define precise access authorization for each key.

Illustration: In this example, key K1 opens all 4 cylinders, K2 can only open C2, and C2 is a central cylinder, which can be opened by all 4 keys.

Please Contact us for more details.