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At Barrs we know what is expected from a door entry system which is why we only supply good quality products to ensure that the door entry system we design for you not only meets your personal requirements but surpass's them.

From audio door entry systems using a single phone to video systems with integrated digital access using multiple phones/handset's, we have the knowledge and the experience to meet your requirements.

All our door entry systems are designed bespoke to your requirements and can encompass multiple phones from a single flat or house to multiple flats using an array of different entry options and an array of phones/handset's/video monitors.

The selection below is just a sample of the systems we can supply, if your system is not listed please contact us today with the make and if possible the model of your existing system and we will do our best to source the door entry system for you.

Bticino - 1 Way Video Linea 2000 Kit with Classe 100V12B Monitor

This Bticino video kit includes the Linea one button panel with camera and the Classe 100V12B monitor which feature clearly labelled icons. This kit is ideally suitable for a small home or office building.

The surface mounted Linea panel comes with one call button and features a colour camera with built-in lighting. The panel has an aluminium front cover which holds an LED backlit nameplate. It is also IP54 rated which gives it additional protection from water and dust.

Also included in the kit is the handset free Classe 100V12B video monitor, which has a 3.5 inch colour display with clearly labelled buttons. It features adjustable screen settings and an auxiliary function which can be used to activate a secondary lock or lighting. It also includes status LEDs which indicate call exclusion, door status and when connecting with an entrance panel has been activated.


  • Call status indicators
  • 3 level ring volume control
  • Auxiliary function
  • Illuminated name window

Sfera: 2 wires video entrance panels

Sfera is a modern range of outdoor audio and video pushbutton panels suitable for any and all types of dwellings. The range is conceived in two “personalities”: Sfera New and Sfera Robur The electronic modules can be used for both versions, allowing maximum simplification of design and functionality.

Main features:

  • Function modular composition (12 available electronic modules);
  • Separate composition of the finishes;
  • 2 Wire technology;
  • Perfect module alignment;
  • Horizontal and vertical side by side installation of the modules;
  • Minimum protrusion from the wall;
  • Protection index IP54;
  • Protection index against mechanical impact up to IK 10
  • Protection against UV rays and saline mist;
  • Optional rainshield;
  • Advanced video functions: Night & Day cameras, wide angle camera;
  • Door lock release function: with keypad, with key card reader;
  • Inductive loop function and control speech synthesis;
  • Easy configuration and maintenance.
1 button VR S Steel panel, engravable size A
A stainless steel single push button audio flush panel which for an extra cost can be polished into a lightly brushed polished finish and is also custom engravable please call us for details.
Dimensions 136mm wide by 250mm long
Telephone with full base 4+1
This handset is compatible with the above VR-S audio panel.

K4601/05 1 way 100.008 video phone intercom kit with keypad (code lock).

Vandal resistant 1 way 100.008 Traditional video door entry intercom kit with BS316 stainless steel, engravable, entrance panel. The vandal resistant door entry panel includes with keypad (code lock), 100.008 camera, audio amplifier (speaker unit) with volume controls in both directions and is suitable for external use and is flush fitting. To surface mount add stainless steel surface mount hood (Model3506/50)The panel can be laser engraved to your requirements (additional charge) although this is not essential.

This is just a small selection of equipment that we stock, if you would like another make/type of door entry system please contact us with the details and we will be happy to help.