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Barrs Intruder Alarm Monitoring Service’s

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A Monitored Intruder Alarm system will deter the opportunist thief from breaking into your home by alerting both you, and your keyholders through our Alarm Receiving Centre. We can also provide police response monitoring giving you the extra peace of mind that your business or home is protected 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

At Barrs we know how important it is to protect your home and your family or business at all times - that's why we recommend 24 hours a day monitoring for our range of Intruder alarm systems.

An Intruder Alarm monitoring service ensures that your monitored Burglar alarm system won't be ignored. Your home or business security system will be connected to our Intruder alarm monitoring centre to provide 24/7 monitoring and protection of your property and to alert home owners, key holders who can either check the property or call the police in the event of alarm activations resulting from burglary, fire and other emergencies.

Our Intruder alarms are both monitored and annually serviced giving extra piece of mind as part of the service when you take out a monitoring contract with us, and unlike most installer’s we will not lock you into a long term contract, our monitoring and service contract minimum terms start at just 12 months.

Maintenance (inspections and tests) include the following:

i) tamper detection;

ii) setting and unsetting;

iii) entry and exit procedures;

iv) power supplies;

v) functioning of detectors and/or hold-up devices;

vi) operation of warning devices;

vii) operation of Alarm Transmission System.

Benefits of using our Intruder Alarm Monitoring Centre:

Peace of Mind

All Barrs Monitored home security Intruder alarm systems are linked via a telephone line or Via BT Redcare to a professionally run UK based alarm monitoring centre. Your home alarm system will be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – ensuring that your alarm won't be ignored and giving you complete peace of mind.

If a Barrs Monitored Alarm is triggered it will alert the Alarm Monitoring Centre, the ARC will contact you or your nominated key holders and dependent on your monitoring level the Police.

You therefore have the additional peace of mind that comes from knowing if intruders enter your property, a signal will quickly be sent to the ARC, and the arc will alert you/your nominated key holders or the Police who can then take action to check on you or your property or call the emergency services.

In the case that you are at home or your loved ones and a panic button has been activated the Alarm Receiving Centre will act on it immediately upon receiving the signal, always ensuring that someone is there at the end of the line to provide help and assistance 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and with added Police response the police will be called adding another level to your home or business security.

Your alarm can be monitored via various alarm signalling systems such as:-

Digital communicator: this is the oldest and cheapest method of alarm signalling commonly used within the security industry. A Digital communicator works as a single path only via a telephone line and as such is vulnerable to telephone line faults and also cost's you additional money in telephone calls out between the system and the ARC.

BT Redcare is a range of dual path alarm signalling security equipment including Redcare GSM, classic and secure. BT Redcare ensures that the integrity of the link between a monitored alarm system and our alarm receiving centre is protected and active continuously with the added benefit of no out going call charges between the ARC and your alarm system.

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