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At Barrs we pride ourselves on keeping up to date on new innovative quality products for our domestic and business customers alike, that is why we are now taking on the Evva EPS System.

EPS technology

EPS (Extended Profile System) is a further development of EVVA's successful pin systems. EPS excels due to its patented, multiple-overlap key profile. Authorisation is checked on several security levels.


-5 active scanning components and up to 20 additional scanning positions check locking authorisation

-Solid, double-action pins ensure optimum security

-Patented longitudinal profile

-Key with optimum bitting angle

-Integrated check for tampering

-Optimum wear resistance due to use of special nickel silver keys

-Technological, managed and legal key protection, thanks to copying protection, security card and patents.

-Available in compact and modular design

-Master keying


The large key width ensures there are no troublesome malfunctions in EPS and also reduces wear considerably. Protection against key copying is assured. The system has three different safeguards that protect keys against being copied or tampered with:

-Managed protection
We will only make keys for authorised individuals with required proof of entitlement, such as a security card.

-Legal protection
Keys are only manufactured for sale by EVVA and specialist companies authorised by EVVA. What's more, EVVA protects against unauthorised manufacturing of EPS keys by means of patented features on the key.

-Technical protection
Keys have technical features that require specialised machines and a high level of expertise for their manufacture.

Lock cylinders

The EPS Cylinder is manufactured in a modular or compact design. Mixed systems are also possible. It has technical features which protect against different break-in techniques:

-Picking protection

-Drilling protection

-Plug pulling protection

-Picking protection

EPS locking cylinders comply with EN 1303:2005 in lock security class 6 and attack resistance class 2.
They are suitable for EI 30 and E 30 fire and smoke control doors
as standard.

EPS is thus optimally suited for use in the highest category, resistance class 6.

Function and advantages of the modular design

The module system enables you to adjust cylinder lengths yourself on site, or to assign a particular function to cylinders (e.g. lockable on both sides). As a result, you benefit from flexible solutions and reduce the time and expense for installation.

-Cylinder lengths can be set as required.

-If it is unclear what cylinder length is needed, cylinders can be assembled at the required length on site.

-We can offer services from our complete range of products based on your requirements and flexibly respond to all customer requests.


Mechanical locking systems are the foundation of organisational building security. A combination of electronically controlled security technology creates all-encompassing security solutions.

Combination keys for both systems

EPS keys can also be supplied as combination keys, which serve as devices carrying identification technology, such as Mifare, Legic and iButton. This transforms the mechanical key into an electronic identification medium.

Electronic motorised cylinder

Motorised cylinders can be integrated into an EPS locking system. These cylinders can be locked and unlocked using an electronically motorised knob.

Combining the EPS locking system with an electronic locking system

Mechanical locking systems are very often used in combination with electronic access control units. This means that different types of door can be equipped with suitable security technology according to their required level of protection.

Mechanical emergency lock for electronic locking systems

Due to the robustness and stability of mechanical locking systems, they are often required for use in emergency service buildings (e.g. fire brigade) as mechanical emergency locks (overlocks) for electronic systems.